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Join Tim Byfield for six evenings of chanting this autumn. Over the course of the weeks you will be led in traditional Sanskrit mantra chanting to set tunes. Though simple and easy to follow, the repetitive nature of chanting produces a sense of balance, wellbeing and inner peace. You don’t need to be a singer to reap the benefits. It doesn’t matter if you get the tune or the words ‘wrong’ and its not about the sound we make together even though the sound of collective voices is truly uplifting however accomplished the participants.

This, however, is just the beginning and as the weeks and confidence progresses, we will explore chanting for the Aquarian age. Aquarian age chanting is creative and spontaneous, it transcends the rules. All melodies and all words are welcome. We will work towards singing together ‘Global Mantra Sutra’ a kind of devotional song soup. Lines of Celtic wisdom or Sufi poetry, a significant phrase remembered from a religious upbringing or a popular tune, all are welcome and merge together to create a wave of peace and unity both for ourselves, the community and the wider world in the spirit of ‘we all belong together’. This is a wonderful opportunity to feel at home in your voice and to reap the benefits that you voice brings.

The total of six sessions is £60 and this is to paid in advance of the course. It is not a drop in course.


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