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This is a free session and is for a maximum of 10 people so booking is essential and is on a first come basis.

It is an opportunity to try a group Clarity Breathwork session to see if you would like to come to the regular twice monthly sessions held on a Sunday morning.

There is more information on Clarity Breathwork under a separate page. The term "Breathwork" refers to the technique of "consciously connected breath." There are many different schools of breathwork and I was drawn to Clarity Breathwork  because it applies this connected way of breathing in a gentle way which encourages the release of stress and toxins from the body and helps us remove limitations from our energy and mind.

A practitioner will often be taken back to his or her first breath and this can bring great insight and bring about profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Connected breath is conscious breathing because it is continuous and it can stimulate an altered state of consciousness that then aids healing through the experience of feeling immense peace, joy, emotional release, insight, and expanded awareness.

The energy of a group session is powerful. Each group session is different as is each person experience. We begin with some questions, followed by a clear intention and then the breath is our guide. There ill be skilful support and throughout there is kindness and encouragement to help navigate whatever arises. It should be noted that healing is not always obvious but there will be insight and this is the key to changing patterns of thought and behaviour.