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November and December Frame Drumming Evenings

The bi-monthly drumming sessions return as Tim Byford is now back. If you havent been before this is a great time to start. No need to have any experience and if you have, its a chance to practice different strokes. Tim will start with basic strokes and you can stay with these if you are new to drumming or continue to develop these as new stokes and patterns are introduced. £10/session

Ten Reasons to Drum for Your Health
1. Drumming is for everyone
2. Drumming reduces stress and boosts the immune system
3. Drumming produces deeper self-awareness by inducing synchronous brain activity (Hemispheric Coordination) and promoting alpha waves
4. Drumming helps to releases negative feelings and emotional trauma
5. Drumming helps us to connect with self and others
6. Drumming helps us connect to the natural rhythms all around us.
7. Drumming provides a path by which we may access a higher power
8. Drumming grounds us in the present moment
9. Drumming helps us to reach a state of self-realization
10. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Drumming is fun
Drumming releases endorphins in the human brain that cause feelings of happiness and euphoria. It’s a great reason to gather with other people, to share in a common experience, and to do something enjoyable. A participant in a drum circle is part of a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts, and drumming is accessible to an extremely wide range of people. Drumming is fun and that’s the bottom line.


30th November, December 7th and  December 21st

December 21st will not be the usual session but instead it will be ceremonial celebration of the beginning of the solar year and the lengthening days. 


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September and November Frame Drumming
Later Event: December 21
Winter Solstice Drumming Evening