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5th & 19th April and 3rd, 17th & 31st May

These bi-monthly Thursday evening sessions are one of the best ways to become totally present and connect mind, body and spirit. Deatails on previous posts, these sessions are for both the total beginner and regulars. Anytime is the best time to start. 

For those who new to frame drumming, Tim Byford who leads the group will give a half hour session starting at 7pm to teach the four basic strokes. These are the foundation of the session and can use these throughout and regulars and beginners can layer upon them, bringing in more complicated and advanced strokes depending on how you feel. Disingage the thinking mind and your natural rythmn will surface. We all play together and so you can stop, get it wrong, start again and it makes no difference.  As the class continues Tim will encourage exploration of rhythm and introduce new stokes and patterns. 

This is a form of active meditation - being present is the only place to be. If you have been thinking you would like to try a session of drumming but feel you won't keep up- surprise yourself and try it; you will be transported and delighted that you are learning a new skill. We all have rhythm and we can all drum - it is part of being human and is our connection to nature and our inmate and natural Self.

Drumming is vibration and is part of overall health. There are many reasons to take up drumming in the earlier posts but here are a few:  It makes you happy. It induces deep relaxation and it boosts your immune system. 

£10/session. Frame drums provided. Come and try! 

Earlier Event: March 15
Later Event: June 21
JUNE DATES: 7th & 21st