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These sessions are fortnightly. This is an opportunity to stop your thoughts and to make wonderful music together even if you feel you haven’t a rhythmic or musical bone in your body. Even though the focus is the drum, we always spend the last part of the session making improvised music together. It is and opportunity to learn some new skills but also to get the benefits of the lovely state of presence that collective music making generates. You do not have to had any experience or ever picked up a frame drum as beginners are catered for. If you are new, Tim suggests you come 1/2 hour earlier so he can teach you the basic strokes. We all have rhythm-you only have to look at a small child tapping its feet or dancing. It is our minds that get in the way and tell us we cannot do something.

Drumming is a great workout for your brain and help recall and speeds thinking because when we drum we access our entire brain. Research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain actually synchronises the left and right hemispheres



January: 3rd, 17th & 31st February: 7th & 2st March: 7th & 21st April: 4th & 18th

May: 2nd & 16th

Earlier Event: December 20