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Gong Bath - last new moon before Christmas.

A very different sky from two weeks earlier when we had the Super Moon of 13th November, a new moon phase occurs when the moon is completely dark with zero-percent luminosity compared to the full moon that has 100% luminosity.  It is worth noting that the highest tides occur not just at full moon but also at new moon, when the moon is between between the Earth and the Sun (and we cannot see the moon) and our planet feels the combined gravitational effect of these two objects. Yet nobody ever claims any strange happenings related to the new moon (except the fact that there is more beach pollution at new and full moon).

Every new moon is a cosmic doorway to a fresh start, allowing us to shed old ideas and break ground for new cycles. The start of every lunation marks an ideal time to pursue an emotional and spiritual reboot and is just the time for a gong bath. As the last new moon before Christmas, it is a powerful time to set intentions, meditate and give the body and the mind time to rebalance and harmonise. The vibrations from the gongs are felt in the physical body as a deeply relaxing sensation (good for aches/pain and aiding self healing). 
Please email me if you would like a place as places are limited: £10/person. Refreshments afterwards - chocolate, dates, nuts and herb teas.