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Gong Bath

There is information on the previous gong baths with each entry. As many of you know who come regulary, all you have to do is lie on a mat so you are comfortable, close your eyes and relax. The gongs are played in different ways so there is no fixed rythmn and this means that the brain in unable to follow something predictable and entrainment takes place. Entrainment is the changing of brainwave frequencies.

Alpha brainwave state is achieved very quickly and is followed by the Theta brainwave state. Alpha waves are between 8 and 12 Hz. and include activity such as daydreaming and  imagination and these waves are present in states of relaxation.

Theta waves are brainwave frequencies between 4 and 7 Hz. and occur when we are in dreamingsleep - or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and they also occur during meditation. 

Theta brainwave frequencies are often where the gongs will take you as you enter a very relaxed meditative state and this is a wonderful state of conciousness to be in for healing to occur.

Please book in advance. £10/session with refreshments afterwards- herb teas, chocolate and dates. There is pelnety of minerl water. 

Earlier Event: January 8
Gong Bath
Later Event: January 22
Gong Bath