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5pm and 7pm sessions.

January has two full moons. The first Full Moon was on January 2 and the second will be on Jan 31st a few days after the gong bath. Both are SUPERMOONS with the Moon being at it’s closest point to the earth making the Full Moon appear brighter and larger. The second full moon to occur in a single calendar month is known as a Blue Moon. Thanks to what is called the Metonic cycle, the next Blue Moons in January and March will be 19 years from now, in 2037. 

The moon affects us in the days before and after a full moon. The moon and the sun combine to create tides in Earth's oceans (in fact the gravitational effect is so strong that our planet's crust is stretched daily by these same tidal effects).

The ocean on the side of Earth facing the moon gets pulled in greater force toward the moon than the center of the planet. This creates a high tide. On the other side of the Earth, another high tide occurs, because the center of Earth is being pulled toward the moon more than the ocean on the far side. The result essentially pulls the planet away from the ocean (a negative force that effectively lifts the ocean away from the planet).

We are 75% water. The full moon is the high tide mark of the psyche. We feel the pull upward; the emotions & psychic waters rise. The full moon illuminates what the high tide brings in. What is not needed? What is treasure? A time to release & clear out.

£10/session. Please book -

Mats, bolsters, balnkets and eye masks provided but please bring a cushion for your head. There are refreshments afterwards.


Earlier Event: January 14
Later Event: February 25