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These weekly gong baths are at 5pm and 7pm

The gong baths are now weekly. February doesn't have a full moon this year as we had two full moons in January. This month the Moon is new and lined up with the Sun on the 15th. The early months of the year favour views of the evening waxing crescent Moon which appear just after the new phase. This is because the Moon’s path in the sky tilts steeply against the western horizon after sunset during the spring.

The challenge of seeing a very thin lunar crescent can become addictive but it’s important to wait for the Sun to have set properly before looking. Failure to do so could lead to eye damage. In order to spot a thin Moon, you need to know where to look and to make sure that the horizon in that direction is unobstructed. The weather also needs to be kind.

Gong Baths: 11th, 18th & 25th February

£10 per session. Please book. Refreshments afterwards. 



Earlier Event: January 28