Gong Bath 

I joined you on Sunday 12th March for a Gong Bath and I thought you might like some feedback as I found it a very rewarding experience, pure pleasure. The most amazing, and exciting thing for me was to experience a return of my sense of smell. I lost most of my sense of smell several years ago, although I occasionally get a slight hint of a scent. I realised during the Gong Bath that I could detect a pleasant fragrance in the room. 

Now, two days later,  I can still get hints of scents. I picked violets from my garden yesterday and could have cried when I realised I could smell them, the first time in years.

I don't have a complete return of all smells, but any hint of a fragrance is such an unexpected thrill.  Unfortunately I can't come to your next session as I have other commitments but would like to book 9th & 23rd April and hope that I may get even more benefit with my sense of smell. I would love to come again just for the wonderful experience.

Thank you. AS, Salisbury

MIGRAINES: My daughter and I have been coming twice/three times a month to the gong baths for nearly 2 years. We both suffered from intense migraines over many years and these have all but gone. I do not suffer from them at all and the other great benefit is that I sleep very well and without interruption. This is particularly deep after a gong bath. We come as often as we can and also love the extended gong baths - I am trying to persuade Sarah to issue loyalty cards! WH, Salisbury

saturday yoga class

Hi Sarah, thanks for a great class on Saturday. I never thought I could do a headstand and then I did it. I'm still walking around amazed at myself and now really understand about believing that our thoughts create our actions - it all makes sense. Thank you! See you next Saturday.  Jordana x

Frame Drumming Evening

Tim, what a fantastic evening. I am hooked and love the improvisation at the end of each session. We were all brilliant even though some people had never drummed before -its a testamant to your great teaching. I can feel my brain expanding as if its had a real workout. I'm looking forward to the summer when we can play around the fire. Sarah