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Finding your authentic voice with Livia Barbosa

Saturday 16th July: 10am - 5pm and Sunday 17th July: 9.30am - 4.30pm.

This weekend workshop will help you find your true voice, the naturally expressed and unselfconscious part of you. Many of us have yet to find our voice and thus our truth, feeling embarrassed to sing or believing that we cannot.  It can be hidden and undiscovered.  We all have an authentic sound and when naturally expressed, it is our unique sound. Enhancing our voice can be a joy and very empowering. Livia will explore our voices, guiding us through a collective self-discovery where we connect with the deepest levels of our wisdom.   

£200/weekend. Includes lunch. Accomodation is at an additional costs but there are rooms at the house for a small fee. Supper is a joint contribution. 

Please book early as places are limited - Livia will also give indivdual tuition sessions.

About Livia: Livia Barbosa is dedicated to voice therapy - both the singing and talking voice. In recent years, as well as pursuing her professional singing career as a Jazz singer, she has worked with sound in a much wider spectrum. Using Gongs, Bowls and Voice in teaching and harmonisations and harnessing the vibration of the Gong to awaken proprioception (body/posture awareness) in patients with voice problems, and those that would like a deeper connection with the sounds they produce. A professional jazz singer/teacher, she embraces improvisation and composition with passion and scholarship. Working all over the country with great success she continues to live and work in her native city of Buenos Aires Argentina.  A graduate from the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, where she graduated as a Speech and Voice therapist, Livia works with different methods including Yoga, Eutony, Shiatsu, Reiki, Functional Voice Pedagogy (Rabine Method) and Matthias Alexander to explain how the voice is produced (anatomically and physiologically) and how it is affected by our emotions and feelings.

Later Event: July 29
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