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Biodanza Workshop

This will be the last Biodanza workshop and follows on from the 20th May. Verónica writes: 'The summer solstice is a time of rebirth, or strengthening our will, we can connect with the forces of nature to support us in our path. To unfold our inner capacity to develop our potential, to reconnect with the infinite possibilities of growing and evolving from our true selves, from our essence. At each age we receive the grace of new visions and new growth. All moments of our existence have an intrinsic value that we could learn to discover and unveil all of them''. 

Biodanza was created in the 60s by Rolando Toro, a Chilean psychologist and anthropologist. It can be described as a system of human development based on the belief that the desire for positive life changes can motivate people to develop their highest human qualities and potentials. 

The word Biodanza has two parts, bios (life) and danza (meaningful movement). Biodanza is the possibility of dancing our own lives, of bringing music, rhythm, harmony and emotion into our communities and  personal lives. Biodanza is different from conventional dance because it’s a guided discipline that stimulates specific aspects of human potential, such as creativity, affection, vitality, and so forth, through different sets of movement to music exercises. Rolando Toro de Araneda

Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct. ABTUK Association of Biodanza Teachers UK.

The Biodanza workshop is open to everyone who would like to experience it, either for beginners, or for those who wish to carry on practising. Previous dance experience is not necessary.