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Introductory Gong training and all night puja

Introductory Gong Training

For those whose curiosity extends to playing the gong, there is the opportunity to have an introductory workshop before the puja. Sarah and Tim will take you through the basic strokes, teach you how to use a flummy, how to set intention and connect with the gong and those the gong plays for. This training will run from 1.30pm. Supper (7-8.30pm), provides time to learn about the history of the gong and how it has been used in sound healing. You will participate in the playing throughout the puja, taking it in turns with other players. This is a wonderful opportunity for novice gong players to be involved fully in the puja particulalry for those who regulalry come to the gong baths.

£80 includes refreshments, supper and breakfast.

Gong Puja

This is the second all-night Gong Puja ceremony and runs from 10pm -7.30am the following morning. As the sun rises, there will be time to reconnect with nature and awaken the body during a silent walk around the grounds. This is followed by a drum circle around the fire (using frame drums) and then a cooked breakfast. When you leave, you will have a spring in your step and the whole day ahead. A gong puja is a profound experience, a chance to delve deeply into the Self, allowing your mind to relax and expand, connect fully with  your body as the sounds of the gongs vibrate throughout. Mats and blankets are provided but please bring bedding and anything else you need to be comfortable- pillows, air bed etc. as you will be lying down for 7 hours. 

£50. Includes breakfast.      Bookings: