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The Autumn/Winter schedule resumes. Held once a month on a Sunday morning the October event will be an opportunity to let go of thoughts, habits and anything else that doesn’t serve you and may be held at a cellular level.

Details of the sessions are in previous posts. This life-affirming ritual that allows for self-exploration and transformation through music and movement.

Tim Byford uses new sound tracks each month that are not only to enhance healing and self knowledge but reflect the time of year and the effect that climate, light and heat have on our bodies. Without visual stimulus (blindfolds are used) we are no longer using our surrounding as a reference. Trance Dance shift our ideas and perceptions of time and space. With our normal compass - sight, covered, we are enabled through the music to connect deeply with our bodies and with our Self. What may seem important and pressing/worrying/problematic no longer has a hold and recedes as we dive inwards and the spontaneous movement of our bodies over-rides the chatter of our minds. The primary focus of Trance Dance is to heal on all levels. Unless we are at one with our mind, body and spirit in equal parts we cannot reach the equilibrium that allows us to be the joyful, healthy human we are born to be. 

£17/session. Please look at earlier posts to discover more. Limited to 14 maximum booking is essential. Wear comfortable clothes. We dance bare foot and there is underfloor heating.

PAST DATES: 1st December and 7th January, 4th February, 4th March, 8th April, 28th October

If this is something that interests you please contact for further details. Each session is £17


•  A direct experience and trust in the metaphysical healing powers we all possess.

•  Healing through the disappearance of lifelong patterns of disease-oriented behaviour. 

•  An increase in the trust that Spirit is real and not just a concept or dogmatic tradition.

•  A leap into the adventure of exploring oneself without judgment or making oneself wrong. 

•  The wisdom that comes once you realise your immortality, which usually comes with taking responsibility for your life. 

•  The reduction of ego which is replaced by a willingness to appreciate and support others. 

•  A pleasurable relaxation into just going with the experiences of life. 

•  Incredible energy, excitement and aliveness.

•  The healing of breath-related illness such as asthma and other illnesses such as rheumatism and arthritis. 

•  The awakening of a personal Energiser and a return to deep, satisfying guiltless sex. 

•  An increased ability to see visual phenomenon and movement of energy in everything. 

•  A greater awareness of one’s inner world.

•  A general lightness, resulting from satisfaction and well-being. 

•  The experience of one’s body and physical form changing from this time to other times, from human to non-human. 

•  Perceptions dramatically transformed, the dancer often describing having entered another world.

Earlier Event: November 1