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The winter solstice is perhaps the most creative point of the year. It is the death point, the deepest night, the point of most stillness. Inhale deep and exhale all the air out and before the next involuntary breath; feel that pause, rest and stillness. It is at this time that we can connect to the formless and plant a seed for the next cycle to come. Before then we can prepare ourselves. Just as the trees are shedding their leaves, we can discard aspects of our behaviour that are not kind or beneficial. It can be as simple as going through the wardrobe and taking a trip to the charity shop or it could be examining those activities and habits which no longer suit us and letting them go.

This winter Studio Britford will be hosting two events around these days: full moon Solstice gong puja and training on December 21st and a ceremony and this, the Solstice Sacred Music event/workshop on December20th

About This event

We will meet at 6.30pm. In the first hour there will be some basic training on drum and rattle and there will be a short talk on improvised music making. No experience is necessary and there is the option to just sit and listen. If you play an acoustic instrument, flute, guitar, strings, please feel free to bring them along. We will then break to have some home made soup and bread. After this we will move to the fire where we can each offer a written intention to the flames of something we wish to create in our lives in the next cycle. We will then play improvised music together. Music has the ability to bring us to a fully present state and improvised music, music that is created in the moment, connects us to the creative source, especially when shared within a group. This is a ceremony celebrating the lengthening days and the period of new activity that is to come.

There will be drumming and this is open to everyone even if they have never picked up a drum. A variety of percussion instruments from around the world, a meditation and a fire ceremony are part of the evening. Depending on the weather we may have the meditation and ceremony outside the Studio.

Hot soup, cheeses and artisan breads, teas and coffee to warm and sustain you throughout the evening.


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Earlier Event: November 18
Later Event: December 21