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Join us for the winter Solstice and spend the night bathed in the sound of the gongs. The winter Solstice is the death point of the year, the deepest night and the point of most stillness, and with each death there is the opportunity to create anew. This year’s Solstice also coincides with a full moon in cancer on the morning of the 22nd so it is also a time for going inside and resting in your emotional landscape and nurturing your innermost desires and dreams. This will be our theme. One of stillness and gentle nurturing and as we do this for ourselves we will also be playing for the gentle nurturing of our community, country and all humanity beyond.

Please arrive between 9.30pm-9.45pm. You will be led through a gentle restorative yoga session for half an hour to prepare your body to receive the sound of the gong. There will be a short opening ceremony followed by 7.5 hours of gong playing.  Extra blankets and pillows will be provided and the room will be kept warm. There will then be a closing ceremony followed by some gentle chanting, for those who wish to join, and a cooked breakfast together.