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We start the evening with some gentle yoga nidra, guitar music and breath work to induce relaxation. The gongs will be played by Tim and Sarah for 7.5 hours and ending at around 6.15am. After coming back to yourself and consciousness there will be a silent walk around the garden for those that would like this and then we go to the fire pit where there is the chance to do some drumming or to continue walking around the meadows. 

A cooked breakfast will be served around 7am (including vegetarian option) . The bath is a wonderful opportunity to relax, release, lucid dream, let go and surrender to the vibrations. Re-charge and leave feeling refreshed, liberated and energised.

The vibrations of the Gongs are an effective way to enter the Theta State. Theta waves help to reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and stimulate the immune system. 20 minutes of Theta Relaxation is the equivalent to four hours sleep.
An all night gong bath (we play only gongs unlike the weekly gong baths where we start with a variety of percussion instruments) can realign our natural vibration and allow us to experience a higher state of awareness. You may notice that your hearing is heightened by the morning and you pick up on bird song, leaves on the trees and other noises that are in the garden and water meadows. 

Open to everyone. £50. Please bring extra padding if you need it- mats, blankets, bolsters and eye masks are provide but you may benefit from an airbed, duvet and extra cushions. Please book.


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