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Natalia Ria is running a series of Women’s Circles around Europe and we are fortunate to have her at Studio Britford during the Autumn Equinox.

Natalia writes: “This circle is for women who want to reconnect with their feminine essence and belong with other women in a safe, nurturing container. Together, we’ll give and receive deep nurturing from each other, in body and soul, so we can melt our guards and fill our inner heart well with loving nourishment.

You are welcome as you are, Dear Woman. Do not wait until you’re healed, or less insecure, or more accomplished. Or whatever less or more you feel you need to be.

Come as you are.

And know that you Belong.

As you are.

Our Equinox Circle theme is Celebrating and Letting Go. As the light and the dark come into balance, on this day you will be invited to look at your year and harvest all the fruits of the work you’ve put into your inner life. We will celebrate with ritual and practices that help us receive the abundance of our beauty, strength, wisdom and courage. 

You will also have an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you as you move towards the completion of the year. 

Our circle will include practices of:

* feminine nurturing touch

* chanting (sanskrit, english)

* conscious movement

  • deep sharing in partner and small groups

  • self-reflection exercises

Cost: £25 Proceeds to C-R-Y charity.

About Natalia:

Natalia Ria is an intuitive healer. She helps women who've had little to no emotional nurturing in their upbringing and often feel like they have to earn love & belonging by depleting themselves, find new levels of healing, strength, self-advocacy and confidence. Learn more about Natalia HERE:
Natalia will be offering Intuitive Healing Sessions which incorporate tapping, inner child work, energy healing and intuitive guidance to heal the heart and release inner blocks. She will also be offering Body Nurture Sessions which fuse Thai Massage and Energy Healing to nurture and release tension from the body.

When: Sessions will take place at Studio Britford September 24th -27th.

Cost: £ 40/1 hour session

Earlier Event: June 21
Later Event: October 5