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This workshop will go deeper into the body as it will incorporate BBTRS - Bio-dynamic Trauma release system which is a modality I began training in last year and will complete my studies by the end of the year. In addition to this it will be a gentler version and I will use my Clarity Breathwork training which I qulaified in last year (levels 1-5). Details of both modalities are under the Breathwork explanation tab. £20

The image is of me having treatment in the second belt - the jaw where we hold a great deal of tension and this mirrors our hips.

The following extract gives a detailed description of the practice and is from my teacher Giten Tonkov’s book Feel to Heal: Releasing Trauma Through Body Awareness and Breathwork Practice.

EXTRACT: BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System (BBTRS) is a somatic modality that relies on a suite of elements, which, when applied together, maximize the potential of trauma release, along with the return of balance and the “juice” of life. It draws from the best-researched modalities in the field—including various aspects of somatic approaches; scientifically proven mindfulness and meditation applications; anatomy, massage, and physical therapy; breathwork; sound vibrations; emotional release; and energy.

The six elements of BBTRS function naturally in our bodies, utilising the autonomic processes of the sympathetic nervous system, physics, and energetic connections between people. In order of importance, they are:


Deep, connected breathing is done through an open mouth, which requires the use of the diaphragm. As “belly breathing” continues—with long, connected breaths, with a focus on the self—relaxation settles in, and the body becomes oxygenated. With this oxygen comes energy. It might seem counterintuitive that with more energy, the mind actually quiets, but it does. If this technique is practiced in day-to-day life, outside a session—inhale to the count of eight, exhale to the count of eight—breathing alone can have a tremendous impact on the body, the emotions, and the ability to manage stress. In the moment. At any time.


Involuntary physical movements are the most direct and fastest route for tension to escape the body. Various somatic approaches focus specifically on stimulating the tremor response—the body’s natural method of releasing tension—which is described in detail in the book. However, tremoring is not the only involuntary movement common to somatic work. Another is best described as “unwinding,” in which movement originates in the core of the body and spreads toward the limbs. Where tremoring is often fast, unwinding can be slow and measured, sometimes more like a rhythmic dance. Tremoring and unwinding movements can each trigger the other, and both release arrested energy.


Conscious touch, bodywork, and soft-tissue manipulation—directed toward pressure points, connective tissue, muscles, joints, or nerves—add a dimension to somatic work that allows a practitioner to assist another person in the physical aspects of trauma release. When we apply touch to contracted muscles in the body, we support a flow of energy to areas cut off from their own physical and energetic circulation. A supporting facilitator acts as an external, safe, and knowledgeable resource for a person, ensuring that he or she is not alone. Through loving kindness and a caring touch, the facilitator helps the person to shift attention from one area of the body to another, so energy can dissipate.

Emotional Expression

Emotion is held along with body tension, and both come to the surface during somatic work. In BBTRS, we find that a short emotional expression can be very useful, especially for people who have experienced a long period of trauma. However, somatic trauma release approaches are structured to avoid reactivating and overstimulating people, so emotional expression during a BBTRS session is carefully managed. Therefore, when emotional expression appears—sadness, happiness, anger—we support people in staying with the feeling for a moment, and then moving to the next step relatively quickly. This process usually works very efficiently. By honouring what is coming out, and at the same time remaining connected to the breath, people become masters of their expression.

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The Clarity Breathwork sessions run twice a month but not always on the same day - usually a Friday or Saturday.

Clarity Breathwork is a conscious, circular breathing technique that has influence over mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It works towards a fundamental shift in our being, towards integration.
The sessions are a maximum of 10 people and begin with some movement in the form of dance -this is optional and you can walk around the room instead. After this there we work in pairs for a process. We  then lie down on individual foam mattresses for the one hour breathwork session. There is a integration period afterwards. Studio Britford offers a supportive and safe environment.

Breath is life and in many languages the word for breath is the same as the word for spirit. This is our connection to our fundamental and spirit nature. During our birth, many of us suffered medical intervention and hence were disconnected from our natural breath right. Umbilical cords were cut straight away, pain relief and in particular epidurals were given that also affected us and being taken by the feet and hung upside down was the first experience many of us had of breath and it was a terrifying ordeal.

As a result, it is common to have had some interference to our natural breathing and to hold things in and hence stultify our natural way of living. With breathwork, we begin to breath into every cell in the body and thus fire ourselves fully alive. Blockages in all aspects of our body- mind, spirit and emotions start to ease out and the flow of energy becomes even and continuous again.

Our breath is unique to each of us and is our own in-house pharmacy. It is under-utilised and yet has the most miraculous power to heal. It is our birthright but as we now know, many of us were robbed of this particularly people born post war.

Clarity Breathwork is gentler than many other breath modalities. Healing doesn’t have to be cathartic and intense. In fact the body responds better there is a gentler approach and the integration is at a deeper somatic level. The focus is to encourage a shift in the way our body and mind function - we want to return to a natural state where we no longer cling onto past trauma and memories and they do not influence our lives now - a full embodiment into our Selves. The desire to be fully present in our bodies and meet all the emotional material that has been incomplete in our systems is the first step to self love. To begin to allow, accept and understand why we are as we are allows us to become complete so we can come into wholeness. Our perceptions and beliefs begin to be formed in the womb, our first experience of life outside the womb and everything after that has led to many places in our lives becoming stuck, frozen, disconnected and disassociated. We often are unaware of this so we cannot be fully present and may try way to find ways escape or disconnect without knowing why.
With Clarity Breathwork, we are looking at how we can unravel and release those places, come fully alive and aligned with our higher purpose of being and find and explore our true potential.

Sharing Clarity Breathwork in a group provides a safe and nurturing dynamic, and the field is amplified so we transform together.

Clarity Breathwork sessions can lead to deepened awareness, insight, intuition and breakthroughs. The process allows access to increased vitality and a sense of great wellbeing.  


INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: These offer one on one support and the undivided attention that allows the unravelling of patterns and limitations at a deeper level. The session which last 2 hours involves sharing, intuitive counselling and coaching, as well as approximately one hour of circular, connected breathing. The emphasis is on increasing awareness of the present moment and allowing what is most important to reveal itself.

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This is a free session and is for a maximum of 10 people so booking is essential and is on a first come basis.

It is an opportunity to try a group Clarity Breathwork session to see if you would like to come to the regular twice monthly sessions held on a Sunday morning.

There is more information on Clarity Breathwork under a separate page. The term "Breathwork" refers to the technique of "consciously connected breath." There are many different schools of breathwork and I was drawn to Clarity Breathwork  because it applies this connected way of breathing in a gentle way which encourages the release of stress and toxins from the body and helps us remove limitations from our energy and mind.

A practitioner will often be taken back to his or her first breath and this can bring great insight and bring about profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Connected breath is conscious breathing because it is continuous and it can stimulate an altered state of consciousness that then aids healing through the experience of feeling immense peace, joy, emotional release, insight, and expanded awareness.

The energy of a group session is powerful. Each group session is different as is each person experience. We begin with some questions, followed by a clear intention and then the breath is our guide. There ill be skilful support and throughout there is kindness and encouragement to help navigate whatever arises. It should be noted that healing is not always obvious but there will be insight and this is the key to changing patterns of thought and behaviour.

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