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New Moon Gong Bath

Sun enters Scorpio       Mars enters Libra

 Today the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio. The sun shines light on all life and illuminates your personality and ego identity. Scorpio is the sign of depth and intensity. Now we start the season of Scorpio. The sun shines light on the darker side of life.  The planet of the masculine within us all, Mars enters the sign of relationship, harmony and balance, Libra.

The moon is in a waxing crescent phase -the first phase after the new moon. The beginning of a cycle represents a clearing or release. The new moon is considered a growth phase and is an ideal time to plant seeds in our gardens as well as our hearts for the future. This is an invitation to start afresh, call in intentions, and set the tone for the next cycle. Mats, blankets and eye masks provided and refreshments afterwards. £10/session. Please bring a cushion for your head.

The gong bath's vibrational sound and frequency can help reduce stress, alter consciousness, creating a deep sense of peace and well-being for better health. The mind begins to empty and as J Krishnamurti once observed: "To be empty, completely empty is not a fearsome thing: it is absolutely essential for the mind to be unoccupied; to be empty, unenforced, for only then can it move into the unknown".