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Summer Solstice Gongs and Drums

This year, the summer solstice will take place on Wednesday, June 21. Celebrating  the solstice can remind us of the preciousness of each day and season because the truth of its passing away is also acknowledged. It is important to move with the cycles of nature and actually feel them. Here is an opportunity watch the sunset and to rise early in the following morning and witness and be part of this special sunrise. The rest of the year is shaped by this and many feel this is a healthy and vital connection for the body, mind and spirit.

There are two options for this evening/morning:

Sunset Gong Bath, 20th June - 9.30pm -10.30pm                                                  

The sun will set at 9.21pm on 20th June. The following morning heralds the summer solstice at 4.25am. If you would like a Gong Bath but cannot stay the entire night then this will be a time to connect with the solstice. £10 with refreshments afterwards.

All night gong bath. 9.30pm - 5.15am.                                                                  

The sun rises at 4.25am. The evening begins at 9.30pm on 20th June and the gong bath will move into softer instruments while those coming for just an hour will leave. It will then continue through the night with 3 gong players in rotation until 5.15am when we will watch the sun rise whilst sitting around the fire pit.                                                                         There will be a drumming session led by Tim Byford which we can all join (drums and percussion instruments provided but bring your own instruments if you would like). The morning will end with a cooked breakfast at 6.30am.                                                                                   If you are planning to go to work afterwards this gives enough time for you to return home. The gong bath will allow for very deep relaxation and possibly deep sleep so the plan is that you will feel fully rejuvenated, revived and fully rested the following morning with a spring and a hop in you step. 

£50/person with snacks in the evening and cooked breakfast the following morning.