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This will be held once a month (last Sunday of every month) and will be before the 5pm session only. 

It will start at 3.15pm- 4.45pm and will include a meditation that will focus on a theme, followed by a gentle yoga session to stretch and relax the body to help release physical stress. There will be a short break for tea before the gong bath at 5pm. There is the option to stay on the mat and continue to relax/meditate to music, maintaining the sense of peace. This is an effective way to prepare for a more profound gong bath experience. Deep relaxation is a conduit to healing on all levels - be it a good nights sleep or a feeling of gentle bliss throughout the body. £25 for whole session i.e. 3.00pm - 6.15pm. 

NOTES: A passage from What is Sound Healing by Liz Cooper

Talking about how the human body begins to resonate in synchronisation with other vibrations: ‘The result may be stimulation or relaxation of the system and it happens through a process of ‘auditory driving’. This basically means that the sounds we hear and feel can move mind and body, alter consciousness and allow an individual to drift into a state of being similar to a trance or deep relaxation. This in turn creates a ‘space’ in which a therapeutic process can begin.

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August 5th & 12th